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sf 3Built in 2006 and specialized on storage and transshipment of grain and oil, our port storage facilities are located 4 kilometers away from Turkish sea port of Aliağa (Izmir). 5 silos with the capacity of 7 thousand metric tones of grain each (total capacity equals to 35 thousand metric tones*), 2 oil tanks with the capacity of 1.5 thousand metric tones each (total capacity is 3 thousand metric tones), 5-floor office building, certified weight facility and loading-specialized technical equipment are situated at the area of 2,97 Ha of it’s own territory.

These port storage facilities are well known at the Turkish grain market since 2006. Average annual cargo volume, which is transshipped there, is 200 thousand metric tones.

Google maps coordinates: +38° 44′ 4.09″, +26° 55′ 29.54″

sf 5*Detailed storage capacity:
Grain: 5 x 7000 mt = 35000 mt
Corn: 5 x 6000 mt = 30000 mt
Sunflower seed meal: 5 x 5000 mt = 25000 mt
Sunflower seed oil: 2 x 1500 mt = 3000 mt


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